Keeping the flame alive: an appeal for our movement and community

December 18th, 2012

Dear Friends,

In our journey to build a more just, a more democratic, and a more sustainable world, there are many challenges: cynicism, fear, despairs. But this holiday season, we are lifted up by the words Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoken 45 years ago: “the Christmas hope for peace and good will toward all men can no longer be dismissed as a kind of pious dream of some utopian.”

We keep this hope aflame at the Center for the Working Poor, and with very little resources we have come so far towards our vision of justice this year.

Through our relationships with churches, with local schools, with labor unions and community groups, we work towards this vision that all people can live with peace and good will.

Every month we deliver boxes of food to the families of fired workers to ensure that no one has to starve because they fought for their rights.

Every week, we train more and more young people to become organizers with 99Rise and build the movement get big money out of politics.

But we are always reminded of how much works remains for us, how much suffering goes unaided by the touch a helping hand.

Every week, we hear of more workers who have been fired while organizing a union, more workers that we cannot feed because we do not have the resources.

Every week, we hear of another corporation abusing our political system for profit, abuses we cannot fight because our budget at 99Rise is stretched too soon.

The Center for the Working Poor is so blessed to have the supporters we do, the students, pastors, residents, and friends who donate their time and energy to making this home a force for peace and justice. With so little, we have fed, trained, housed, healed, and supported so many. Imagine how many workers who feared for their families health have been given nourishment. Imagine how many young people have been inspired to lead a life of nonviolence and justice through our work. Imagine how many more wander astray, looking for a community.

Every gift, every donation to the Center for the Working Poor is a contribution to our community and our movement, invaluable kindling that keeps Dr. King’s flame of hope alive.

Our work exists only through your support. We hope this holiday season you can be generous to the Center. All of your support will go to sustaining our support of workers and our campaigns for democracy. Thank you.

Peace and Blessings,

Paul Engler

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