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Recommended by Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Sarah VanGelder and many more, the new book Resistance Guide: How to Sustain the Movement to Win gives you the essential tools and strategies to grow and maintain a resistance powerful enough to win.

For a limited time, you can order a signed copy of Resistance Guide direct from the authors. (All proceeds will benefit the Center for the Working Poor)

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Naomi Klein, author of No is Not Enough and This Changes Everything , writes: ““If you want to help build a truly mass, nonviolent resistance to get us through the Trump years and far beyond, you’ll find much to use in this guide.”

Special offer: Paul Engler and Sophie Lasoff are making available signed copies of their new book for just $10.99! Proceeds from the sale will be used to support distribution of the Guide.

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Praise for the book:

Naomi Klein, author of No is Not Enough and This Changes Everything , writes: ““If you want to help build a truly mass, nonviolent resistance to get us through the Trump years and far beyond, you’ll find much to use in this guide.”

Bill McKibben, author and co-founder of, writes: “Resistance is the order of the day–but the past provides some real lessons on how to make it count for the long term. This is an invaluable resource, bringing together some of the best ideas about how to effectively stand up for what’s right.”

Sarah VanGelder, co-founder of YES! Magazine, writes: “The Resistance Guide shows how to turn opposition to Trump into a rising tide of resistance, on the streets, in the halls of power, and at the ballot box. No one else is going to do this for us. This guide can help “we the people” find our power.”

Robert Greenwald, founder and President of Brave New Films, writes: “The guide will empower, educate, and inspire the people who seek change and progress – organize, agitate, and do the work for the long haul. Here is your road map and GPS system to make the change.”

Gilda Haas co-founder of Right to the City Alliance, writes: “Resistance Guide distills key lessons from recent history (both right and left) into a clear-eyed and hopeful guide to what it takes for people-powered movements to move the needle of public opinion and produce liberating change. Written in a straight-forward jargon-free style, it is as much a useful and encouraging guide for seasoned organizers and activists as for those who want to move our country in a better direction, but just don’t know how”



Book description:

We have taken our decades of experience as organizers, researchers and trainers in social movements and created a short, online handbook that explains how everyday Americans can join and build the movement to resist Trump. Inspired by the incredible work of the Indivisible Guide, Resistance Guide aims to equip tens of thousands of people who are eager to resist Trump with the essential strategies to shift public opinion, laws, and elections for the better. Resistance Guide is an essential roadmap for anyone who wants to understand how movements succeed and how we can use this knowledge to fight for a better America.

Special offer: You can order a signed copy of Resistance Guide direct from the authors for only $10.99 (All proceeds will benefit the Center for the Working Poor.)

A signed copy of the book makes for a perfect gift. The book will be signed by one of the authors.

There is a $2.00 flat-rate charge for shipping and handling to the continental United States. Books will ship via U.S.P.S.

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